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  • In view of the regional payment system integration project, during the first phase the infrastructure on which SAMOS operates will be partitioned to accommodate the regional payment system as a ‘proof of concept’ for the SADC payment system. What is SAMOS and how does it operate?

    The SAMOS (South African Multiple Option Settlement) system is an automated interbank settlement system by the South African Reserve Bank for the banks to settle their obligations on an immediate real-time basis, or a delayed settlement arrangement, providing guaranteed settlement.

    It provides 2 primary settlement options to banks, namely:  Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) referred to in the SAMOS system as the Real-Time Line (RTL) and the Continuous Processing Line (CPL) settlement.


    • The RTL is a facility for settling single or batched settlement instructions on a gross basis.


    • The CPL is a delayed settlement facility developed to settle single (CPL) or batched settlement (CBPL) instructions on a gross basis utilising net liquidity.  The participant CPL account is funded from their settlement account.

  • SADC countries annually submit payment system statistics and reports on progress and developments in their respective payment system environments. Where can these reports and statistics be obtained?

    The country progress reports as well as the statistics are available under the Progress Reports and Statistics heading​s respectively - which is available on the Payment System Subcomittee section of this website.

  • What is the interface between FIP and SADC Payment System Sub-committee?

    The Finance and Investment Protocol (FIP) is an integral pillar of the SADC regional economic integration agenda.  It sets the legal base for regional co-operation and harmonisation in the areas of finance, investment and macro-economic policy.  The payment system sub-committee derives its mandate from Annexure 6 of the FIP.  Their aim is ​the implementation of a safe and efficient payment system, based on internationally accepted principles -in each member country as well as to develop a cross-border payment strategy for the region.


    Article 5, point 1 of Annexure 6 refers: "Central Banks shall through the forum of the CCBG establish a SADC Payment System Steering Committee which shall be responsible for the implementation of this Annexure".

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