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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


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  • What is the CCBG?

    CCBG stands for the Committee of Central Bank Governors in SADC.

  • Where can I find more information about the South African Reserve Bank, inflation, interest rates and the Bank’s functions?

    Click Publications and Notices on the home page, select Fact Sheets.  You will be taken to the Fact Sheets page. On this page, are a series of information leaflets covering frequently asked questions that is targeted at (but not limited to) students and learners.


  • Who are the CCBG members?

    ​The CCBG consists of the Governors of the central banks of the 15 SADC Member States.

  • Where can I find current and historical interest rates (the repo rate and prime overdraft rates) on the Reserve Bank’s website?

    For historical interest rate statistics, please log on to our website, Click on Research and then on the Rates Option. Now click on Selected Historical Exchange and Interest rates. You will find economic indicators, namely, the inflation rate, interest rates, the exchange rate and the nominal effective exchange rate, respectively.​

  • Who are the SADC central banks?

    Banco Nacional de Angola
    Bank of Botswana
    Banque Centrale du Congo
    Central Bank of Lesotho
    Banque Centrale de Madagascar
    Reserve Bank of Malawi
    Bank of Mauritius
    Banco de Moçambique
    Bank of Namibia
    Central Bank of Seychelles
    South African Reserve Bank
    Central Bank of Swaziland
    Bank of Tanzania
    Bank of Zambia
    Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

  • What is the main objective of the CCBG?

    ​The CCBG was created as a vehicle for co-operation in the area of monetary policy and central bank activities among SADC Member States.

  • How does the CCBG fit into the SADC structures?

    ​The establishment of the CCBG was formally approved by the SADC Summit in August 1995.  The CCBG reports to the SADC Committee of Ministers responsible for Finance and Investment (COMFI).  COMFI is a permanent committee of the SADC Integrated Committee of Ministers, which reports to the SADC Council of Ministers. COMFI is supported by the Committee of Senior Treasury Officials and the CCBG.

  • Where can I find the CCBG’s Terms of Reference?

    Go to the Publications tab, select Terms of reference

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