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The Committee of Central Bank Governors in SADC (CCBG) Macroeconomic Subcommittee was created by the CCBG at their meeting held on 2 September 2005 to deliberate on macroeconomic issues and represent the CCBG in meetings of the SADC Macroeconomic Subcommittee. 
Membership of the CCBG Macroeconomic Subcommittee comprises of Chief Economists or Directors of Research from all SADC central banks, the CCBG and SADC Secretariats.
The CCBG Macroeconomic Subcommittee carries out its activities as directed by the CCBG with a view to promoting effective regional macroeconomic management, stability, convergence and integration.
The CCBG Macroeconomic Subcommittee participates in meetings of the SADC Macroeconomic Subcommittee to ensure that central banks’ views are adequately communicated and incorporated in the decision-making process.

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